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1953 Ford Truck Parts

1953 Ford F100 Truck Parts

1953 Ford F100 Parts collageI've been into 53 F100's for over 20 years. Never before has there been the wide selection of parts available. 20 years ago, you could get weatherstrip kits, some sheet metal patch panels, new beds and other parts that sell well. Today, a ton of parts are available that are not high sellers. Some of the parts are sold rarely, but they serve the 53 F100 community as a whole. You can build most of a 56 F100 today from new parts. The full 56 cab is available in fiberglass. Any number of companies are building complete frames in almost any configuration you could want. 4 links, air bags, IFS, Corvette IFS and IRS install kits. The patch panels generally fit better and more are available for the 53 F100. Yes, many parts are made overseas. That has led in some cases to poorer quality. In some cases, it has let the parts company have parts made that could not have been made in the US for a reasonable price. You don't usually get high quality and low price. You can have decent quality at a fair price.

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1953-1956 F100 Parts

CMW Trucks offers hundreds of restoration parts and hot rod parts for 1953-1956 Ford F100's. We specialize in them and carry several original style and custom parts that other suppliers do not usually have.